Fair Superintendent

The Fair Superintendent (also called the Fairs & Markets Superintendent, or the Fairs Officer) is usually an employee of the Town Council or Local Authority, and has responsibility for coordinating the organisation of a town's Fair(s) amongst other duties.

National Association for Leisure Industry Certification (NAFLIC)

From 1988, the National Association for Leisure Industry Certification (NAFLIC) was established, allowing inspectors and manufacturers to provide new input into the Fairground and Amusement Parks Joint Advisory Committee (FJAC), to develop registration schemes, representation, Codes of Practice and Standards in a push by the Health & Safety Executive to improve safety in the fairground and theme park industry.

National Fairground Archive (NFA)

The National Fairground Archive (NFA) was born out of the PhD research and lifetime commitment and passion of Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of the NFA from its inception. The Archive is part of the Special Collections and Archive Division of the University of Sheffield Library.

The core of the NFA collection embodies the history of popular entertainment in the United Kingdom from the nineteenth century onwards. This unique collection of photographic, printed, manuscript and audiovisual material covers every aspect of the travelling fair and allied entertainments as well as the culture, business and life of travelling showpeople.

The Archive collects material from the early fairground and the allied industries that developed within it including early cinema, circus, freak shows, magic, boxing, variety and amusement parks, during the period these were associated with the fairground.

Showmen’s Guild (SGGB)

The SGGB is an organization established to protect the interests of its members, those travelling showmen who gain their livelihoods by attending funfairs. It is the most powerful, although not the only, organization within the communities of travelling showpeople, with over 4000 families listed as members. The SGGB imposes strict rules of conduct on its own members, and is an accepted negotiating body for travelling showmen at regional and national (parliamentary) level.