Fair Superintendent

Seasonal No
Fixture Permanent
Physical Scale Small
Experiential Scale Small
Geographical Scale Local

The Fair Superintendent (also called the Fairs & Markets Superintendent, or the Fairs Officer) is usually an employee of the Town Council or Local Authority, and has responsibility for coordinating the organisation of a town's Fair(s) amongst other duties.

The Fair Superintendent will start work on the organisation of a fair many months before it opens. They are usually responsible for advertising sites at the fair, and for allocating positions for rides, shows and catering (usually in liasion with the SGGB). They are also responsible for setting and collecting ground rent from site holders, and for ensuring the health and safety of visitors to the fair.

The layout and positioning of the shows within the streets and spaces of the existing town, as well as their erection and pull-down, the location of the showmen’s caravans and mobile homes, access for waste disposal, emergency services, coordination and so on, is all carefully organised and policed as a collaboration between the Markets Department and Showmen’s Guild (SGGB). At the centre of this nexus frequently lies the Fairs & Market Superintendent, or the Fairs Officer, who wields significant influence over the interpretation and implementation of these various forces.

The details of such a diagram will vary according to the particulars of any one fair, but the principal groups shown here (Showmen/Site Holders: Regional organisations; Local contractors and volunteers; and Punters) are common to most fairs. At the centre of this organisational challenge is the Fairs Superintendent.